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Liturgy Committee

Notre Dame's Liturgy Committee is devoted to coordinating and collaborating to develop prayerful and beautiful liturgies!


The committee is made up of leaders and representatives from the various liturgical ministries.  We meet monthly to discuss the upcoming seasons and feasts. . 


Liturgical Goals:


1. Increase prayer and awareness of God’s presence

a. Worship and praise God
b. Get people to come to Mass
c. Build community- support the church

2. Show who we are

a. Provide Catholic Sacraments
b. Develop our identity, what makes us unique
c. Introduce visitors to Notre Dame

3. Welcome and celebrate diversity

a. Recognize and utilize multiple languages
b. Familiarize and appreciate multiple cultures and traditions
c. Welcome and meet people from different generations

4. Encourage active participation

a. Develop ownership and understanding of faith
b. Encourage people to serve as liturgical ministries
c. Recognize God’s presence in self and others

5. Educate and create awareness of the feasts and seasons

a. Emphasize diversity of liturgical calendar
b. Give people ample opportunities to connect to the liturgy
c. Make connections between everyday life and life with God


We appreciate all the work of our liturgical ministers!  Thank you!



“This is the day


the Lord has made;


let us rejoice


and be glad!




Christ is risen,




Christ is truly risen,


Alleluia! Alleluia!”





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